Dear Virginia

These grounds are just a shell of our precious memories, our youth painted in vivid orange and navy blue contained in a few old bricks, but you know, I didn’t think this cursed ticket to heaven could be so lovely, and I hope you remember when this beautiful young world flew by you, outside the window– your eyes… Continue reading Dear Virginia



I’ll remember forever the miracle of green. The way it unfolds, overnight, starting low, springing high, swan-diving outward from every tree trunk. The dizzying billows and boughs of green that hang and shiver and swing. Spring tumbles on in a clumsy cascade of fertility, wind, and ripening, and the proliferation of life, vertiginous, obscures from… Continue reading Vertiginous


Then a Hard Truth Hit Him

Mid-lunch with him, a bright air set off, in hoping, a bright air set off, confessed he, a bright air’s infix. That invigoral loose, that inner tram, having been spoken, stars dug in, clung. She is October melanin, newcomer in cotton; in his eye variety alternates round her. Halting for her, he is wondering. Her… Continue reading Then a Hard Truth Hit Him