How-To for Wordpress

Stolen from Cameron, who created last year’s NaPoWriMo blog, plus a short note by myself for this year’s writers.

This is what a post looks like on WordPress. When you finish writing a post, scroll down a little to “Categories” and file it under your name. This’ll keep our WordPress organized by author. If you want the name displayed as the author on each post to be your real name and not your username, then on the Dashboard, under “Users,” click “My Profile.” Then enter your name next to “Display name publicly as:”.

Important: In order to get
the nice single-spaced lines
so essential for la poesia,
hit “Shift + Enter” at the end of a line

instead of “Enter,” which will insert a double-spaced line like this.

–  –  –

If you want to attract more attention to your post, you can add tags about the content of the post. (So if I write a poem about cardinals, I’d tag it with “nature,” “birds,” “cardinals,” etc.) This will make the post more likely to show up on Google searches and things like that. Totally optional.

If for some reason you need to write posts ahead of time, you can go to “Publish immediately” under “Publish” and hit “Edit” to change it to publish automatically on the next day or whatever.

Finally, in no way is our poem content limited to one language or style. Feel free to experiment and head over to the Prompts section (thanks for creating this, Cam!) to explore and get inspired.

Happy poem-writing guys!


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