Letter to Self on a Rainy Day

Shuhui, you are okay today.
Even though you are afraid to look in the mirror at times,
even though you only want to be the latest Asian child prodigy
you are well. Shuhui,
remember the time you biked to Chiles Peach Orchard,
on a narrow, unpaved winding road – do you recall
the danger that thumped in your limbs?
You were sweating, and mourning the fading sunset.
Yet all along, the glorious sunset was chasing you,
and it has never forgotten you.
Listen Shuhui. You are surrounded by clicks, pops, and sirens
that demand your sacred affection
but only the whisperings of Holy Spirit calms
the restless sparrow within.
Shuhui. Shuhui,
get up. Start skipping, because the ground never hurts if you skip.
The narrow and unpaved road stretches into pink horizon
The ladder keeps growing higher,
there are more dreams to chase after, yet as soon as you touch them
the dreams disappear into a puddle of foam.
But take heart: you are sealed by the King’s promise:
His truth, a firm shield that destroys the
the mighty gale of sin, yet
so red and warm that you can mistake it
for a tomato.

John 1:14, John 19


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