Then a Hard Truth Hit Him

Mid-lunch with him, a bright air set off,
in hoping, a bright air set off,
confessed he, a bright air’s infix.

That invigoral loose, that inner tram,
having been spoken, stars dug in, clung.

She is October melanin, newcomer in cotton;
in his eye variety alternates round her.

Halting for her, he is wondering.
Her charm is all in wonder and falls.

Because man is an enveloping door,
he’ll lead her till they open and close together.

Then a wager of marking undoes.

What he is not lies bare. Ignorance betrays him.

It’s not alright. We’re not all the same.

Following today’s prompt, I did a homophonic translation of a poem in a language I don’t know, choosing words based on the look and sound of the original. This is about an interracial couple, a white American man and an African woman, going on a date. It seems to be going pretty well until the guy says something that reveals his ignorance.


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