Endings Happen

Warning: long essay ahead.
Lives, dynasties, and beautiful times in life all come to an end. Though I wish with all of my might to change this, it is a fact which I must face as an adult-my college life is over.
National Poetry Writing Month 2016 was not just a mere poetry contest for me. It was a collection of poems written as memoirs of this time and of who I was in this moment. When I began NaPoWriMo this year, I remembered how last year a few of the poems I wrote really reminded me of my struggles at that time, but a lot of them were too blah for me to be proud of. So despite the fact that this is supposed to be a “draft poem” thing, where you put out poems to be work-shopped later, I did most of my own work-shopping before posting them. I wanted a good collection of the heartbreak, sadness, longing, happiness, and joy which not only comes with spring alone, but spring in Charlottesville, a completely new beauty I have fallen desperately in love with.
Through these poems I hope to remember the feelings of happiness and sadness which overwhelmed me this entire month. I tagged a lot of poems “first love”–because the feelings I wished to write about seemed to have that grandeur, that passion, that fear which comes with a first romance.
Next year my poems will be completely different, I can guarantee that. I will be living a different life in a different place, as a different person with new responsibilities. If you are an undergrad who isn’t terrified of the imminent adulthood looming on your horizon, teach me your coping methods. 😉 As for me, this month’s poem collection was my comfort and my peace.
I hope that all of you really enjoyed National Poetry Writing Month, whether you were writing or reading, and if any of you still want to post your month-finale poem, please feel free to do so. Just make sure you change the time stamp to April 30th, so it appears below this closing message and satisfies my terrible OCD!

I will, as always, continue posting my poems and little rambles on In Sunlight Golden, my personal blog. Feel free to head over, confront the ridiculously old and cranky interface which is Blogger, and enjoy my quiet little corner of the internet.

Thank you all for participating and humoring my love of T.S. Eliot and Korean paintings by agreeing to use this blog. I enjoyed all of your work-keep writing!!!



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