Introduce yourself! Why are you doing NaPoWriMo? What’s your goal for this month? What sort of poetry do you draw your inspiration from? What’s your style? etc.

Cameron Hicks
Hello! I am a third-year student studying linguistics. I’m doing NaPoWriMo because I haven’t written a poem in ages and I hope that just writing a lot, every day, will help me get better at it. My favorite poets are E.E. Cummings, Pablo Neruda, and Adolfo Bécquer. I’ve been writing a lot of short stories lately for English classes, and I’m starting to develop my voice. My current goal in my writing is to move away from flowery, forced poignancy and instead strike a balance between simplicity and loveliness. In terms of style I tend towards atmospheric hyperrealism – I love sensory detail and the evocativeness of small scenes.

Shuhui Wu

I’m a three year old rabbit studying the art of eating carrots. Sorry, I mean, I am a third year student studying economics, the “Dismal Science”. I started writing poetry a little in high school, but I really took off last year. I am taking a poetry writing class right now, which I love. I really love the poems of Louise Gluck and Li-Young Lee. I write from a place of familiarity, so my poems will be generally rooted in culturally specific things like Chinese herbal tea or a particularly resonant Chinese phrase. I also touch on the universal – like family or loss. My goal for poetry is to give life and form to feelings of sadness or confusion, and develop a deep sense of empathy for the subjects I am writing about.

Caroline Blankenship

I’m a fourth year studying Linguistics. Right now I’m supposed to be writing an essay for a second-year level class, but I’m procrastinating. Actually, that’s the best description of myself I can think of. My mother always hoped I would take after my father and be a structure robot of schedules and organization. I am not.
I’m doing NaPoWriMo because April is a beautiful and inspiring month, and I know if I didn’t challenge myself, I wouldn’t write anything.
My poetry interests are remarkably tied to my not-so-poetry interests. I became captivated by the imagist movement through my American Literature class in 2014. Little did I know that some prominent imagists took their inspiration from Japanese, Chinese, and Korean poetry writing styles. I just so happen to be interested in the languages, cultures, and literature of these regions.
A few of my favorite poets are Robert Frost, Walt Whitman, and Kim Nam Jo. My poetry style focuses on details, moods, and impressions of a memory (which may or may not be a real memory).

Courtney Lazore

I’m a graduate student studying English Writing & Linguistics and Korean. I also work full-time in an office and spend some free time translating and subbing videos for two different subbing teams. I used to write quite a bit, but since life often gets in the way, I have written a total of three poems and only one short story over the last several years. I typically don’t read poetry or literature anymore (call it burn-out from too much school), but writing is something I need to do more of. I’m quite all over the place in terms of poetry and short story-styles, but I like to experiment, just write whatever comes to me in the moment, and worry about improving it later. I recently started attempting poetry in Korean. I’ve been mesmerized by the moon and bodies of water since birth, and Korea since age sixteen.